Superior Walls – Precast Foundation

Superior Walls is a precast concrete foundation. We should add that 3 projects mentioned in the Hamptons Speculator used this product.

As far as we know, each builder chose Supior Walls for a variety of reasons; Whether it was based on cost, function or performance, we don’t know. What we do know is the walls are ready to go to work the minute the delivery and installation in complete. Saving 2 – 3 weeks of time.

Since subterranean living spaces are popular in these parts, the walls come with 5000 psi concrete and highly rated interior insulation. The effect is pretty amazing. We’ve been in a few Superior Wall basements and there’s no noticeable temperature change nor any sense of increased moisture content.

From first hand experience the rooms feel like they are above grade.

We should also note, the interior walls are ready to apply dry wall without adding stud-framing (again reducing the build out costs).

Xi (R-12.5) is their newest and most advanced wall. Provided with more than double the insulation, the Xi has 2.5 inches of continuous DOW Styrofoam for superior warmth and energy efficiency. Nearly everything is insulated in the Xi, including corners, studs, and bond beams. Special engineering makes the wall thermally isolated and insulated from the exterior elements. The new wall is monolithically poured (poured all at once) with high-strength concrete for solid structural integrity, and reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers.

Each Xi Wall is custom manufactured and designed, complete with built-in openings for windows and doors. Superior Walls also feature easy conversion to finished living space. In addition to being pre-insulated, the walls have smart stud facings for easy drywall insulation and pre-engineered access for wiring or small plumbing. As always, factory precast technology allows Xi builders to continue installing custom foundations in virtually any weather.

For information about the product contact their local distributors and quality control experts, John and Mike.

John Brrows
Michael Kochanasz
Performance Path Solutions, LLC
PO Box 481, Wainscott, NY 11975
631-537-8734 – Office
631-903-4488 – Cell

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