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Spec Picks

Dunemere Lane Makeover offered at $3.25M

This home on Dunemere Lane in East Hampton is our Top Pick this Memorial weekend. We are surprised it’s still available since it’s priced…

Spec Picks

Sag Harbor: Tear Down or Renovate?

Who or what determines if a house gets the wreaking ball or is saved for renovation? 48 Grand Street has a great price point for…

Spec Picks

East Hampton Charm Offered at $1,575M

The original cottage was renovated with a series of smart architecturally designed additions. The most interesting of which is the master bedroom with a…

Spec Picks

Spec Pick: Smart Amagansett Joint Venture

This Amagansett Spec project crossed our desk a few months back.  We were approached by an entry level developer who asked for our expert…

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New Construction

Shelter Island Whaling Capt’s Mansion Offered at $4.7M

New Construction, completion date August 2017.  Designed as a Whaling Captain’s Mansion or Manor House, executed by a top east-end builder. This 5400…

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Twice The Inspiration

Left: Lindy Woolcott Right: Kathy Ashby Don’t adjust your screen, you’re not seeing double. However, you might be staring at the genius behind…


Living in a Material World

From the acquisition of the property to the anticipated labor expense, the next most substantial variable in determining a developer’s profit margin is…

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It’s a Wrap!

Wrapping Beams. When it comes down to the final finishing details nothing screams “high-end” more than a few well placed “re-purposed” specialty details…


For the Weekend Warrior .. 

Calling all Triathletes, Marathoners, SUP/ Surfers, Yoga-Spinners & Kettlebell Nuts.. and of course the Weekend Warrior! “Walk-in’s” are not your grandpa & grandma…


Rock Solid Savings

Concrete counter tops and flooring ideas became a passing craze about 16 years ago. A great idea, but never caught fire, nor did it…


The Sounds of Silence.

A basic must have in every high end building project is peace and quiet. Sound proofing interior walls is expected and a standard…

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