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Concrete counter tops and flooring ideas became a passing craze about 16 years ago. A great idea, but never caught fire, nor did it create a spark within the local building community. 

Despite the marginal cost savings it really wasn’t worth the added risk. 

The risk was the concern over the products test of time, and the added cost applied to guarantee the concrete’s reliability. 

The product was untested and the mason had to build in the added service fee just in case the product turned out to be defective. After all concrete, while still in the curing process, could chip, crack and discolor.  

Well like we said, 16 years later the product has been tested. As an FYI, concrete gets harder with time, but more important the bugs have been removed from the material.

There’s been vast improvements to the resin mix, color treatment & tinting process, as well as the sealers. All of this has given way to a new generation of concrete surfaces. 

Now for the best part. 

The company mentioned in this segment is local. They’re 3 generations of masons with a ton of experience and a list a mile long of happy clients and area references.

Since the current most trending color palate are grey tones, why not a custom made fire place surround, or kitchen counter top in the same matching color?

Or even better…

Imagine a 16 x 16 ft basement media room in a buffed checked pattern with a semi gloss base coat of sealer covered by a mat sealed finish . 

Conventional wisdom would say, a concrete floor surface would be too cold on the feet. 

Well look again and see how far technology has come.

These radiate carpets are incorporated into the pour. The cost for a 16 x 16 media room floor or a heated yoga studio would run roughly $2000, and the poured flooring would run about $3000. Compare that price with the cost of real stone, marble or a porcelain tile.

The look is amazing.  

We also found this interesting vanity top for a children’s bath. 

If you notice, they added a glow-in-the-dark glass sparkles. This added element creates a fun children’s night light. 

We also wanted to demonstrate the how light the concrete can be tinted, again it’s sealed to prevent staining.

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