Decorative Floor Grills

In playing cards, a Flush beats Two of a Kind…but when it comes to the biggest visual surface in your home, you want your floors to be all Aces.

Whether you’re installing new or restoring your old floors, it’s always best to plan ahead and consider flush registers as opposed to drop-ins. 

As an FYI, flush mount HVAC heating & air grills require precision cuts, and a bit of artistry in terms of alignment & symmetry. After matching the stain and urethane finish you’ll be happy you made a wise decision.  

Also, in the end… it’s the little things that separate perfect execution from the not so great and the “what were they thinking”. 

If you need a local expert and ideas for exotic lumber ask Jason Biondo President of the Antique Lumber Company, of Montauk.

You can also check out (our Website Sponsor) for the best pricing on clear white oak, in all widths and lengths.   

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