The New Standard for Luxury Toilets

Let’s get this potty started.

Say you’re building a new high end home and you want to include lots of bells & whistles.

How much would you budget for new toilets?

This one costs as much as a used car, and it’s not gold either.

You’ll be happy to know it comes with more gadgetry, and gets better miles per gallon…


Sounds crazy right … a toilet that cost as much as a used car.

Well, what if we told you the toilet might pay for its self in roughly 100 to 180 months, and then it’s not so crazy, right?

This new high tech Japanese commode or paperless toilet system costs about $5,100.

It’s gaining popularity in the commercial market and the high end luxury home market for #1 or #2 reasons.

#1. Going green is one major benefit.

It’s self flushing, with a self closing lid that senses when the water level is too high, and self flushes at the appropriate time. It doesn’t waste water. See demo.

#2. It’s a paperless system. The warm water spray is gentle and avoids irritation from constant rubbing or wiping. There’s no need for toilet paper.

In this country alone, about six billion dollars worth of toilet paper every year or 50 lbs per house hold is flushed down the toilet. In fact the United States surpasses any other country across the world. On average, Americans use 57 squares of toilet tissue every day. Now imagine a toilet that gently cleans with a spray and then blows warm air to dry … there is literally no more pain in the “Butt”.

We predict as demand increases, the price will drop to an acceptable level. Someday soon we’ll see the day when the office and home are both paperless.

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