The Fastlane System

The modern home design often features specific amenities for the health conscious buyer or a young active family that want it all in a state of the art living breathing entertainment center, from many cool electronic a stay-cation stuff to a sub level gym & cardio base camp.  

However, currently trending in pool designs are lap pools. Lap pools can be roughly 40, 50 and 60 ft in length. 

The problem with the design, a) they often cost more, and b) are difficult to fit correctly onto the most properties. They’re awkward to look at too . In a best case scenario a smart developer often tries hide them or soften the look with landscape screening or garden features.  

Consider this in your next in ground pool or pool design.

You can stick with a normal and aesthetically pleasing shape in either a small, medium, or large. Tradition shapes tend to be sized in either 15 x 25 , 18 x 30 or even 20 x 40  .

But consider adding this cool option or useful feature…  

The Fastlane System (Click Here)

The swim lane can be portable (affixed to any section of the pool) or built into an end-wall. They run about $7500 for the system.

Many tri-athletes swear by them. 

Also when you’re hosting your next summer BBQ or outdoor dinner party around the pool you won’t have to explain every ten minutes, the pencil or phallic shape was not a mistake, it’s a lap pool.  

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