Hampton Gather Repurposing ideas!

The word “Spec House” can sometimes invoke a negative image or connotation. An unfurnished home can appear sterile, generic, void of personality, and the result may accent some design flaw or give off a Cheap & Cheesy vibe.

Enter Hampton Gather at 92 Newtown Lane, East Hampton. The consignment shop is owned by local architect Erica Broberg. The shop features many architectural details and decor items like lighting fixtures, stained glass, antique doors, and things like vintage children toys, etc.

Erica’s idea was to help re-purpose objects that would be lost or tossed out with a tear down project and allow locals to buy, sell or trade their decor items. Creating interesting themes and designs then building them back into the character of a home.. is pure genius. 

For example, instead of shopping for an entry chandelier at Restoration Hardware for a generic knockoff, check out Hampton Gather for the real deal at a fraction of the cost.

Or dressing up a guest bath with an antique door or a stained glass window that can make any room appear more interesting and offer some classic details.

Perhaps staging a children’s bedroom with the right mix of furnishings, topped off with antique shelves, and some vintage toys would be the cherry on top. A few mix and match ideas can open the buyers eyes to the possibilities while transforming any sterile spec house into a well thought out home.

You get the idea…

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