Shower Enclosure Without Getting Soaked

Builders often walk a fine line between cost,  budgets, savings and maintaining a high-end look. We’ve seen a few projects end with a “curtain-call” (literally) using a shower curtain instead of a custom glass enclosure.

A typical glass blind and glass shower door can run between $1500 to $2000 depending on the size and installation charges…

When in doubt you can get way with just the blind section (closest to the shower head) and forego the expensive door and hinge installation.

Better yet, why not this idea… (see pic)

Big savings &  nice look!

Black frames and black accents are trending , and the color ties in nicely with the window frame, lights and other features throughout the house like the stair hand rails.

This example of a light weight baked aluminum framed door allows either a panel or blind section, and if needed can go with both the panel and door combo.

Estimate $600 vs $1200.

Shows great, but the cleaning staff and maids will curse you!

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