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You may have noticed, but light switches and electrical outlets have pretty much stayed the same since the time Frankenstein was brought to life.

Architects, designers, fussy builders and electricians have often agonized over their placement, and continue to experiment with attempts to make their awkward features appear symmetrical against their backdrops.  

Home technology has made some significant advances in the way we work, live, and play. Wouldn’t you expect the same level of improvement in electrical hardware?

Hamptons Speculator found an electrical manufacturer that finally made the switch to the 21st century. Check out these wall switches and outlets. 1st and foremost, they’re an improvement on ergonomics, and 2nd, they’re a little more aesthetically pleasing on the eye. Whether or not they prove to stand the test of time, they’re something a builder should consider as a feature in high-end home.    

Until they invent a wireless system we’ll simply call this next generation of electrical hardware the Bride of Frankenstein.   


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